AMERICAN CREW Precision Blend Shampoo 250ml

AMERICAN CREW Precision Blend Shampoo 250ml


Precision Blend Shampoo
Cleans the scalp and controls color fade-out

ACTION: Take control of fade-out. Make the impression last. With amino
acids and UV filters, this shampoo protects your color while cleansing
and conditioning your hair.

■ Silicone oil used to make hair shiny and resist tangles.
■ Contains poliphenols that prevent the formation of free radicals, thus
protecting hair from color fade-out.
■ Long lasting moisturizer that thickens hair, prevents against hair
damage, and improves luster and shine.
■ Protects against the damaging effects of UV radiation

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wet hair thoroughly. Massage a small amount onto
hair and scalp. Rinse well.

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