GENETICS-LPA Physiological Regrowth Hair Treatment

GENETICS-LPA Physiological Regrowth Hair Treatment


Clinical tests show a 3.02% increase in hair diameter, 31.87% decrease in hair loss, and the growth of new hair after 90 days of treatment.

After years of research, the Vivipharma Research Laboratories have developed GENETICS-LPA, the extraordinary treatment, whose innovative technology promotes cell regeneration. It has been demonstrated that, in fibroblast cultures, the addition of 0.2% phyto-stem cells from Uttwiler Spättlauber (Malus Domestica) extends the life of the follicles delaying their aging.

The precious GENETICS-LPA Activator organic complex is made with phyto-stem cells, vitamin PP, vitamin H, vitamin B5, zinc, essential amino acids, such as arginine, ornithine, glucosamine, and lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), the “switch” molecule of the triggering points in the hair follicle. The combined action of LPA and phyto-stem cells is particularly effective in removing obstacles to the new hair’s matrix, promoting its functional recovery.

Oxidative stress is among the main causes of gradually slowed down skin metabolism, which leads to a weaker hair structure and premature hair graying. The lower levels of the catalase enzyme lead to a degradation of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color.

The GENETICS-LPA Maintenance Treatment contains active plant stem cells, phyto-stem cells, vitamin PP, vitamin H, vitamin B5, zinc, and essential amino acids. The treatment is further enriched with caffeine, theophylline, iron catalase derived from hematite, which is particularly effective against oxidative stress in hair bulbs.


Wash hair and scalp with Genetics-LPA shampoo. Towel dry excess water. Open the vial and insert the applicator. Apply the product evenly to the scalp. Massage gently and do not rinse out. On the days in which you do not wash your hair, apply the vial to dry scalp. Apply one vial a day for a month.

30×5 ml vials + 6 applicators

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested – Paraben-Free

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