NutriColor 600 270ml

NutriColor 600 270ml


Nutri Color™ Filters
Our unique 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™ delivers DIRECT intense COLOR,
CARE and SHINE, that opens a world of multichromatic possibilities.

Zoom in care to zoom out color and shine to go well beyond color. A full
range of 23 intermixable direct color shades that enables you to create
a new world of multi-chromatic possibilities.

For those who want to:
• Wear in bold shades or are willing to get a makeover.
• Balance the hair color temperature.
• Try powdery, smoky and pastel effects.
• Neutralize unwanted tones in bleached or highlighted hair.

Instant Color.
• Color versatility and creativity.
• Multi cromatic filters / Multi dimensional color.
• Intermixable colors / Shades.
• Intense color / Fantasy color results.
• Tone your color up and down.

• Protects and nourishes hair.
• Hair feels healthier.
• Treats your hair while color.
• Reduces hair breakage.
• Anti fly away.
• Gentle to hair / Cares for the hair.
• Seals hair cuticle.

• Healthy radiant shine.
• Flawless shine.
• Luminous shades.

1) Wash and towel dry hair.
2) Spread the ready to use cream to hair or create your unique color by
mixing shades (follow our Mixing Handbook for suggestions). Use gloves.
3) Processing time: 3 minutes for color refresh or 15 minutes for
fantasy shades.
4) Rinse and style.
Note: can be applied by working directly into the hair with hands or
with an application brush or comb.

Healthy, shiny silky hair with customizable color.

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