SCIENCE HAIR SHAMPOO (greasy seborrhea) 200ml

SCIENCE HAIR SHAMPOO (greasy seborrhea) 200ml



Greasy seborrhea appears only on skin where solid sebum is deposited around the hair’s root while the shaft remains dry and unprotected. The result of the accumulation of sebum is weak, lifeless hair and hair loss. Shampoo Treatment for Greasy Seborrhea, with extracts of Ivy and Equisetum, is effective in removing solid sebum to restore tone, nutrients and life to hair.

Hypoallergenic – Dermatologically Tested – Nickel Tested

How to use :
On dry hair, make partings over the entire scalp and apply drops of Hair Shampoo line by line. Emulsify with water and massage gently. Leave on 3-5 minutes to favor the action of the active ingredients and rinse. If necessary, apply again the shampoo. Blot water in excess. Apply the Hair Tonic with Adenosine Preventive Action Against Hair Loss.

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